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Great Jobs Come With Great Benefits

Gamerica Staffing will guide you through the process step by step and help you market yourself to make sure you land your next great job. Take a look at the additional services we offer to all of our registered candidates:
  • Free Skill Level Assessments
  • Mobile Shift Pick Up
  • Text Alerts
  • Weekly Pay
  • Referral Bonuses
  • Longevity Bonus
  • Payroll on the go
  • Trips
  • Financial wellness
  • Free Tax consultation
  • Free budget consultation
Simply submit an application, and we’ll be in touch within 1-2 business days. We’ll learn more about you and what you’re looking for out of your career. Then we will conduct a background check, verify your credentials, skills and references, and you’ll be ready to get to work.
All candidates who deliberately, with full knowledge of the facts, or even involuntarily, give false information to the Consultant and thus to the client (the health care institution, research centre, etc.) risk having their application removed from current and future recruitment processes.

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Healthcare Staffing Agency Washington
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Healthcare Staffing Agency Washington
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    Take into account the realities of the field: by consulting first our Research Officers and then our Consultants, without having to travel you get essential and accurate information on the responsibilities of the vacancy, the expectations the client has of the candidate profile, the team that works there and the dominant culture, and the way of life (practical information)
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    No need to lay out except for the minimum sum: in no case does the candidate pay the consultancy to be recruited (if an agency should ask this, avoid it!). This is a principle that cannot be compromised. The Consultant responsible for the mission thus maintains his/her neutrality and integrity
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    Benefiting from our logistics support : when a face-to-face introduction with the client has been confirmed, one of our Consultant will go ahead and accompanies you in certain cases; in most cases, you only have to pay out for minor expenses
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    Benefiting from training tools that we have set up especially for you: language training, medical vocabulary, downloadable documents, etc.

Advice to our candidates

We ask our candidates to provide information as accurate and transparent as possible. in line with this, we ask you to:
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    Prepare, update and supply accurate, relevant CVs. They should mention all workplaces past and present, social and professional activities and memberships.
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    Exact start and end dates of employment contracts, degrees obtained and the names of the institutions issuing them, and also participation in conferences and personal publications.
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    If a health care institution, former employer is not known to the public at large, it is a good idea to write what it specializes in, the number of employees (doctors and care staff) and number of beds for each service, the make-up of the various services and all the information necessary for a realistic image of the environment the candidate has already worked in,
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    Mention the main achievements, the number of people managed, and the results obtained,otherwise this information can be checked later.
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    Be ready to provide references (at least two, with up-to-date contact details), who can give relevant information on your past performance,
  • 06

    Limit yourself to two or three pages. The CV must be exhaustive (cf. above), and as accurate and detailed as possible, but should not be over-long.
Why choose


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    Maintaining a degree of anonymity: your identity is only revealed to the client with your express approval. You are only officially a candidate for a post if your give your express authorization to the consultant responsible for the mission
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    Being better able to understand the special features of the health system in the host State in the targeted sector (in public or private health care centres, practising hospital medicine or private practitioner) by asking our consultants for advice in order to take the decision to joint our team in full knowledge of the facts
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    To benefit from training before taking up the vacancy , which will provide you practice in the language of the client, including medical language, give you much information on the facility and its administrative characteristics (e.g.: work environment), reduce your stress level when you take up the vacancy, improve the image your colleagues and line management will have of you, and finally increase the chances of you succeeding in your new work and life environment
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