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Several selection interviews, skills assessment, psychological tests, taking of references


Checking the effectiveness of the recruitment; a guarantee that goes beyond the candidate’s taking up of the post

Why choose us

Gamerica Staffing Agency is an innovative and value driven company that recruits competent healthcare professionals for others. As an agency, we conduct market research, recruitment and screening of highly skilled and experienced medical professionals to meet the growing needs of healthcare industry in the state of Washington and beyond. Our market experience and vast network of career industry workers, spurred by our strong relationship with various communities, positions us to meet your human resource needs for sustainable growth.


We do not approach the candidates we have placed for at least one year following their recruitment


Constant improvement of our methods, setting up a training programme to prepare candidates before they take up the post
Selection procedure

A thorough and professional selection procedure

The candidates have to pass through several ‘filters’, which guarantees quality candidates to our clients and minimizes the risks of recruitment failure:
  • 01

    Pe-selection by our research officers
  • 02

    Assessment and selection by the consultant responsible for the assignment
  • 03

    Self-assessment grid for each specialization
  • 04

    Multiple interviews (by telephone and in person) between the consultant and the client
  • 05

    Following up of targeted references
  • 06

    Tailor-made language preparation (general and specialist medical language)
  • 07

    On-line training using our distance resources

Honesty and Integrity

These values are at the forefront of our relationships with both candidates and clients. It’s all about trust.

Ambition and passion

We thrive on challenges and continually keep up to date on industry news and developments. Our drive to succeed together is our goal.


We understand the importance of developing strong relationships and tailoring our service to benefit everyone.


We enjoy what we do and have a non-hierarchical, hands on business. This impacts positively on the service we provide. We like to be happy!

Why choose


We advise our clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Our consultants travel in person in the area in order to meet the client, to get to know them better, and to take the client’s special features into account. The candidates are usually interviewed in our office, or in certain cases the consultant overseeing the recruitment may accompany them and introduce them to the client.

Once the candidate has taken up the post, the client and the candidate are consulted to ensure that everything is running well, and if necessary to intervene to prevent any misunderstandings which would jeopardize a good working relationship.

We recognize that your organization has an enviable reputation as a leading healthcare organization. We also recognize that the recent Covid 19 pandemic continues to unravel healthcare industry, as witnessed by the general strains on available capacities. Considering these challenges, there is a general appreciation of the need to rethink and reorganize hiring processes that ensures stability for this critical sector. We are committed to helping you meet the critical human resource needs of your organization. Our agency can help you on this through partnership.

Let me know what you think on putting yourself in candidate or client shoes!

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